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Certificate, inspection, inspector, tests, mechanical tests, SA-20, marking requirements, SA-178/SA-209, SA-450, UG-94, SA-370, welding electrodes, welding materials, UG-84(j) rejection, repairs of materials, UG-93, UG-77, compliance, welds, radiography, welded joints, ultrasonics, liquid penetrant, pressure testing, hydrostatic, pneumatic (1)
Fabrication codes, reference codes, addenda, sequence of fabrication requirements, effects on fabrication flow, weld joint, fabrication considerations, joint types, vessel, UW-11, UW-12, radiography, corrosion allowance, circumferential stress, material selection, welded pressure parts, UG-11, UG-44, (UCS-6 plate material), UCS-5, UG-84, material traceability, forming, roundness, UCS-79, fiber elongation, (cutting, fitting and alignment), welding limitations, UW-35, UHT-84 weld finish (1)
Material inspections UG-93, UG-84(j) rejection, repairs of materials, material identification UG-77, material test report, UG-93, certificate of compliance, P numbers to watch, inspection of welds, radiography requirements section VIII division 1, table UCS-57, UW-51 full R.T., full radiography acceptance criteria, UW-52 spot R.T., spot radiography acceptance criteria, UHA-21 welded joints, ULT-57 examination, ultrasonic requirements section VIII division 1, ultrasonics, P.T. and M.T., UHA-34 liquid penetrant examination, required N.D.E. pressure testing, hydro test, minimum hydrostatic test pressure, combination units, cast iron vessels, inspection of the pneumatic test, test gauges UG-102, stamping directly on the vessel (1)
Pressure relief devices, valves, nonreclosing, liquid pressure relief valves, marking, certification of capacity of pressure relief devices, pressure setting, installation, minimun requirements for pressure relief valves, minimun requirements for rupture disk devices, capacity conversions safety valves, determination of certified relieving capacities (1)
Stamping directly on the vessel, stamping on a nameplate, mode of inspection, type of construction, special service, degree of radiography, postweld heat treatment, code nameplate UG-118, parts of vessels, removable parts, miniature vessels, UG-90 (c)(a) vessels, renewal of code symbol stamps, manufacturer´s data reports (1)
Stamping, vessel, nameplate, mode of inspection, type of construction, postweld heat treatment, removable parts, UG-90 (c) (2), inspection agreement, quality control system, renewal of code symbol stamps, manufacturer´s data reports (1)
Welding, groove weld, saw, FCAW, fillet weld, joint, tension, bend, welder, WPQ, recertification, macro-etching, pipe, plate (1)

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